Kia AL-Jabr launches an Exceptional Offer to Own a Kia for 90 SAR only

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Kia AL-Jabr launches an Exceptional Offer to Own a Kia for 90 SAR only
September 2020

Celebrating the 90th Saudi National Day


Kia AL-Jabr launches an Exceptional Offer to Own a Kia for 90 SAR only


 September 2020: Al Jabr Trading Company, Kia Motors dealer in Saudi Arabia, is launching an exceptional offer in line with our beloved country’s celebrations of the 90th Saudi National Day, celebrating the foundation of this great kingdom and embracing this precious occasion. “Own a Kia for 90 SAR” is an offer that enables car shoppers to buy one of the various models of Kia for a down payment of only 90 SAR. The aim of this offer is to make it affordable for everyone to buy the model that they prefer throughout the duration of Kia’s National Day Campaign. The campaign will run from the 20th to the 30th of September, and the new Kia owners will enjoy a 90-day grace period on their first installment, too.


Mr. Wael Baghdadi, Chief Operations Officer in Al Jabr Trading Company, congratulated Saudi Arabia’s Royal Esteemed Leadership and the Saudi population of this beloved occasion and stated that “our nation’s precious anniversary of foundation is a happy occasion to everyone in Saudi Arabia, as we became a united nation under King Abdulaziz (may Allah bless him with mercy).” He then added that “the prosperity and fortune in which we enjoy today is a result of a sequence of great kings, who worked diligently to build the great nation we live into today. King Abdul Aziz laid the foundation then his sons, Saud, Faisal, Khalid, Fahad, and Abdullah (may Allah bless them all with mercy) kept building and developing further on that solid foundation. Today, under the reign of King Salman and his visionary Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, we witness an unprecedented advancement towards becoming a global leader that is leading in numerous fields.” Mr. Wael expressed how important it was to Al Jabr Trading Company to take part in these joyful celebrations of this country’s proud 90th National Day by launching an offer that spreads happiness. Mr. Baghdadi emphasized that “beside this offer, there are many services that Kia Al Jabr is keen to provide to our customers in our showrooms or through our after sales services, of which are extended with the greatest care as part of our ongoing endeavor to build strong, long-lasting, and trustworthy relationships with our customers.”


Mr. Wael Baghdadi has welcomed all visitors to KIA Al-Jabr showrooms across the kingdom’s regions, whether to take advantage of this offer or to learn about the latest updates, confirming that the company’s team will be happy to serve them and respond to all their inquiries and interest about KIA Motors models.


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