"KIA Al-Jabr" supports "#80_campaign" for road safety with 10 cars

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"KIA Al-Jabr" supports "#80_campaign" for road safety with 10 cars
January 2020

As a continuation of its partnership in the campaign launched by the General Traffic Department


"KIA Al-Jabr" supports "#80_campaign" for road safety with 10 cars


Jan 2020: Al Jabr Trading Company, Kia Motors dealerships in the Kingdom, continued to support awareness programs and activities aimed at enhancing traffic safety in the Kingdom. As an extension of its partnership with the General Traffic Department in #80_campaign that achieved wide fame to motivate drivers to make traffic compliance behavior a followed lifestyle ; the company provided 10 cars for winners selected by drawing through the campaign website for people who have not been successful in winning the cash prizes that are distributed during the field trips  by the team of the program on the roads of the Kingdom to track those who abide by the rules of proper traffic behavior.


The idea of the out-of-ordinary campaign is based on secret follow-up of drivers in a social experiment, the heroes of which are drivers who are committed to traffic regulations, whereby they are being subject to following up, documenting their commitment, and then being stopped by the traffic man, then-after  the official of the provider of the social experience accompanying the traffic man gives them an immediate financial reward in the name of the campaign against their commitment to traffic regulations.


Al-Jabr Trading Company has been one of the effective partners for the success of the campaign that holds lofty goals to install traffic safety rules in our society in order to reduce the high rate of accidents on our roads, as the company provided 10 cars that will be directed to all members of society who have not had the opportunity to win through direct rewards on the road. This will be done by registering on the campaign website  www.80km.tv  provided that the applicant carries a traffic record free from effective traffic violations such as (illegal traffic signal crossing , driving under the influence of alcohol, drifting, excessive speed).


"We are proud to participate in this campaign with great goals to enhance traffic safety in our society", said Mr. Abdul Salam bin Muhammad Al Jabr, member of the Board of Directors of the company, on participation of Al Jabr Trading Company in (# 80_campaign). He also pointed out that Al Jabr Trading Company has had many initiatives and partnerships in this aspect, such as the campaign (#Driving_politely) which had been implemented by the company and achieved great success in delivering many positive messages to the community.


Mr. Al-Jabr thanked the director of the General Traffic Department in the Kingdom, Major General Mohammed Al-Bassami for his fruitful efforts in all aspects related to traffic safety by launching various awareness campaigns and programs besides the continuous follow-up to develop the traffic system in the Kingdom in line with the vision of the wise leadership, as well as appreciated the opportunity given for the company to support this positive campaign.


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